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Welcome to Saigon Flavors! It is such a pleasure for me to welcome you to my restaurant. Saigon Flavors is a "dream come true" after much hard work, persistence and high ethics. At the age of 10, while still in Vietnam, I started working in the restaurant business to help support my family. In 1984 I came to the United States with my family. We settled in the Bronx, New York and lived there for over 11 years.

In 1994 I moved to Florida in search of a better climate. Within 4 years I was the proud owner and manager of Viet Garden restaurant, in downtown Orlando. After nearly 10 years I sold this successful restaurant in order to pursue other business ventures and to assist my son with his golfing ambitions.

I have always dreamed of a new and contemporary dining experience and that is how the planning and conception of Saigon Flavors began. Saigon Flavors will be a new and modern restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese food with style and flair. It is an honor to share with you my "American Dream"


Welcome to Saign Flavors